Influencers & Fanmire

Are you looking for a platform that allows you to connect with your true fans on a deeper level?

Fanmire is a fan engagement platform that allows you to monetize your following. Your biggest fans pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for access to premium content and exclusive experiences, contests, and giveaways.

Form a community that celebrates and supports you and the content you create in a clean, negativity free space with Fanmire!


What Makes Fanmire Different?

Deeper Connections

Fanmire’s entourages allow for meaningful 2-way communication between you and your biggest fans. Here your fans can enthusiastically share their admiration of you with each other. Engage with your core audience in a clean, troll-free environment.

Exclusive Experiences

Is there something you would love to do for your fans? We facilitate events, contests, and promotions that will energize your audience and build loyalty.

Engagement and Support

Where ever you are in your influencer journey, Fanmire will be there to support your efforts through guidance, promotion, and collaboration.

How It Works

Premium Content

Influencers can post content to their premium entourage that only paying fans can view.

Exclusive Experiences

Influencers will have the opportunity to host experiences sponsored by Fanmire.

Community Engagement

Your premium entourage gives your audience an exclusive community to interact with you and other like-minded diehard fans.

Audience Monetization

Influencers receive a percentage of the subscription fee paid by fans for premium access.

See Your Future With Fanmire

Fanmire’s goal is for you to convert just 1% of your following into paying subscribers at $5 / month.

For example, someone with 100,000 followers converting 1,000 subscribers (1%) would earn a $5,000 / month gross revenue.

Our Formula is simple: Your Audience Size x 1% (.01) x $5 = your monthly gross revenue.



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Who Is Fanmire For?

Fanmire is for successful creators, experts, and celebrities in their fields – cultural influencers who have earned the love and admiration of fans who appreciate what they do – who want to deepen their connection with their audiences while monetizing exclusive content and experiences on a clean platform. 

What kind of content can I produce?

You know your field – and your fans – better than we do!

So share whatever you think a true fan would love to hear about you and your “behind the scenes” life.

If you’re a sports star, you can reach out to your fans to amp you up mid game. If you’re a recording artist, you can share a “sneak peek” of a new song you’re excited about. Something to help a fan feel like an “insider” and give an extra understanding of why they love you. Your fans will be delighted to pay a modest fee for the privilege (and you get 80% of the result.)

Whatever you produce, Fanmire allows followers to feel more connected with you.

How do payments work?

Fans with credit cards on file can initiate a subscription to your content. Influencers receive the sum of their fan subscriptions minus processing fees at the end of the month.

Join The Entourage

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