About Fanmire

FANMIRE is a fan engagement platform that uses cutting-edge technology to create a more genuine and engaging experience between fans and the celebrities/influencers/brands they love. Our platform is about fostering meaningful relationships in our digital world and creating more community among our users.

Fanmire’s Beliefs

We believe in cultivating relationships and making true connections through our platform, a place where influencers can feel free to be real, open, and inclusive with their fan base.

Meet the Founder


Jamel Anderson

FANMIRE founder Jamel Anderson had a vision. He wanted to create an experience that would offer fans memorable experiences through curated events and exclusive access. Anderson explains, “There’s something about fandom that fanatics can’t shake, and that’s where the name FANMIRE came from, thinking about that addiction.” Fandom is a powerful thing, and Anderson is all about making connections and bringing the ties between fans and influencers to a new level.

For Anderson, FANMIRE is about helping fans to keep the party going, to “create that connection after the ball game, after the concert.” With his guidance, FANMIRE is taking the fan experience beyond the screen, bringing fans and influencers closer than ever.

“My passion is just making something out of nothing,” he explains. An entrepreneur of many talents, Anderson has worked in concert promotion and sports marketing, working with a variety of professional athletes, entertainers, comedians and others for sold-out shows.

A proud native New Yorker, hailing from Harlem USA, he has cultivated a passion for connecting the people around him and building brighter futures. Jamel Anderson is a people person. He has worked in leadership building and conflict resolution as a facilitator, and, in the end, it always comes back to people.

Meet Our Team

Fanmire is directed by a strong team of forward-thinking, dedicated, and talented professionals.

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